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The Benefits of Reverse Mortgages for Today’s active Canadian Seniors.

Record numbers of Canadians are reaching the age of Retirement, more than at any other time in our history. They are the Boomers  and they’ve worked hard to build comfortable lifestyles.  For many  however their main assets are tied up in the equity in their home.

This is where Reverse Mortgages provide a financial solution that allows them to receive tax-free income without having to make payments until such time that they sell their home.

Reverse Mortgage Income can be used To:

  • Enhance Retirement Lifestyle
  • Buy a vacation Home in a warm climate
  • Help their children & Grandchildren financially
  • Travel or explore hobbies
  • Supplement Pension Income
  • Pay off Debts
  • Renovate their homes for adult living
  • Pay for in-home care or medical expenses
  • or any other use that requires extra income

You’ll never have to make a payment and it’s Tax-free Income.

I would like more information about Reverse Mortgages

More Canadians choose Mortgage Intelligence when buying, refinancing or renewing a first or second Mortgage!  Visit our site to find out why!

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