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Canadian Seniors :

Canadian Seniors accessing their Home equity through the use of Reverse Mortgages from the Canadian Home Income plan provided by Mortgage Intelligence Oshawa. Tax-free income can be used for debt management for seniors, travel in retirement, Home Improvement, home care and additional medical expenses, even a second home and they never make a mortgage payment.

Boomers, Zoomers and Seniors!

Your Financial Needs Are Different If You Are A Self-Employed Boomer.

Self employed seniors

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Like Fine Wine, Just Getting Better With Time!

Afterglow is a high-spirited group of talented musicians from Uxbridge. They’re sharing their upbeat music with Canadians through the release of their CD in April 2013 and the bookings are increasing daily!

Reid Wilson, Margaret Wilson and Marilyn Massie, first met through Sweet Adelines in 1998 in Uxbridge. It was to be the start of something wonderful. In 2012 john Frechette joined the trio and upped the energy factor of the group.

Afterglow is a talented group of Singers from Uxbridge

Those of us that attended the launch of the newest CARP Chapter in Whitby, Oshawa and Clarington were treated to the beautiful voices of Afterglow.  They injected a lively atmosphere to the event and as I look at the calendar of future performances from their website, it’s easy to see you’ll need to book them now if you have a celebration and want to be assured they are available.

Whether its folk, country, pop or Rock there’s something for everyone to enjoy. I am including a link to the website so you can order a CD right now.

Loss of License Changes Senior’s Lives!

Who would think that driving too slowly would result in loss of a person’s Driver’s License?  But that’s just what happened to Peggy Ellison of Tottenham Ontario.

What would you do if you found yourself unable to do your own errands or get to appointments due to loss of your Driver’s License?  What if you lived in a rural area and didn’t have access to public transit.

Read the article by CBC News Canada, it will offer you some bold insights if you are a senior driver.