About Us


Mortgages For Seniors is a site filled with information about mortgages, but also about living well as a Senior. We hope you enjoy the articles and links to other websites that provide information that is of interest as you reach retirement and beyond.

With 10,000 Canadians reaching retirement age daily, we have determined that having expert knowledge of Mortgages for Seniors is necessary  and we’re here to provide you with options.

We’ve built a Mortgage business with the help of caring and knowledgeable Mortgage Agents that are proud of the product line we are able to bring to Canadian Seniors through Mortgage Intelligence Canada.

When you need a mortgage there’s only one place to call.

Aside from over 50 National and Private lenders,  the Mortgages for Seniors  is aligned  with Canadian Home Income Plan to provide excellent options, rates and service when it comes to Reverse Mortgages for Canadian seniors.   Its just one more option that Mortgage Intelligence brings to it’s clients.  They are dedicated to helping you determine if a Reverse Mortgage is right for you!

 More Canadians choose Mortgage Intelligence when buying, refinancing or renewing a first or second Mortgage!  Visit our site to find out why!


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