What’s up with those people walking with sticks?

Do you walk to exercise?

Pathway2wellnessYou are not alone. According to Stats Can over 70% of Canadians choose walking as their regular form of exercise.

Nordic Pole walking is just a more effective use of your walking time; by an astounding 46%.

How does it do this??    It is what you don’t see that makes the difference. When you Nordic Pole walk you ‘push’ on the poles. This engages your upper ‘core’ muscles.

Now,   guess how many steps the average person takes; let’s say when they go out for an hour long walk?

The answer is 6000 steps.  That’s a lot. With each step they swing their arms. Each arm swings 3000 times.

Bear with me; I’m getting to the point.

Now, let’s add in the resistance factor using poles that we push on.  Let’s say that we push with 5 lbs with each swing of the arm. This adds up to a lot of resistance during our hour walking.  5 lbs X 3000 arm swings X two arms = 30,000 Lbs of resistance work in one hour.

Repeating myself that means in addition to the aerobic work, walking, you are also doing 30,000 lbs of resistance work. Yup.

That’s why Nordic Pole walking is the Smarter Way to Walk.

If you need poles, training or wish to join a walking group please call;

Jim and Peggy Stewart

Nordic Pole Walking Instructor and Master Nordic Pole Walking Instructor

Nordixx Canada Nordic Poles and Accessory Distributors

Covering Durham Region and points East to Cornwall

Call 905-668-9083 or visit the pathway2wellness website today.

This is a guest blog provided by Jim and Peggy Stewart.


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