8 Tips to Help Prevent a Fall in Winter!

senior_safety_tipsWith a couple good snow falls under our belts here in Canada it is very important to make sure we are all taking the necessary precautions when it comes to preventing slips and falls this winter season.


Below is a basic list of things you can do to prevent a fall;

1. Go slow, when you are in a hurry that’s when accidents can happen.

2. Before taking the garbage out to the sidewalk, sprinkle kitty litter, an abrasive cleaner or salt and sand to the curb.  It might also help to sprinkle some on the ground before getting out of the car.

3. Always keep your roof, eavestroughs, doorways, walkways and steps free of ice, snow or wet leaves. Ensure you own a snow shovel and keep salt or sand nearby.

4. Shoveling is a great form of cardiovascular activity but it can strain your heart. If the task is too difficult, don’t be afraid to ask a family member or neighbour for help.

5. Always wear shoes that have good treads or consider buying warm, sturdy winter boots. If you use a cane, consider buying an ice pick add-on.

6. Proper lighting is a must. Ensure all lights are working and shine at your steps and doorways.  Consider installing motion sensor lights that come on as soon as motion is detected

7. Carry a portable phone with you at all times in case of an emergency;

8. Wearing sunglasses during the winter will help cut the glare that bounces off of the snow which may reduce your visibility.


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