The Age Wave….Are we Prepared?

In just 20 short years the population of Canadians over the age of 65 will DOUBLE!

Of those Retirees many want to stay in their homes as long as possible provided they can have a level of support that aides them in being comfortable.

Allowing a Senior to stay in their home and receive services costs only $50.00 per day, compared to long term care options at $150 a day and A hospital Bed at $1000 a day.

The article we are featuring today introduces Dr. Samir Sinha, who was appointed in May by Health and Long-Term Care Minister Deb Matthews to talk to Ontarian’s and devise a strategy for how to provide better seniors’ health care.

We hope you find the information valuable.

Please remember that as part of a long term plan of your own, you may want to discuss Reverse Mortgage Benefits with us. Canadians see Reverse Mortgage as a tool for independent living in their retirement years.

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