Seniors Travel The World!

You worked hard all your life but now it’s time for You!  Seniors have the luxury of time when it comes to travel. That’s why you should consider exploring the many ways you can get out there to see the world now.

Where once you may have driven your own car or hopped a plane and explored on your own, there are many options for you to leave the driving to someone else or travel with a group so you can share your experiences. Even those of you who like a very active vacation can find exotic adventure and eco-tours designed for active adults.

Are you over age 50 but not looking forward to planning all the things that go along with travel?  Then maybe you should check out our list of senior tours that make it possible

Senior Tours Canada – The largest Canadian tour company for those over 50+ and who have over 100 destinations and cruises to choose from.

Comfort Tour Canada – If you want to simply sit back and enjoy a ride then maybe a bus tour is right for you. Have you ever wanted to visit Washington, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Quebec or Ottawa?

DeNure Tours – Have been around since 1960 and they have been providing memorable holidays for mature travelers throughout Canada, Britain, Europe and the United States.

ElderTreks – If you are up for a more exotic adventure then you may want to consider traveling to Central Asia, Uganda, Iran, Cuba, Trinidad or even Havana.

Great Canadian Holidays & Coaches – Sit back and enjoy an escorted motor coach tour across Canada and around the world.


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