Seniors Can Benefit From Sound Financial Planning.

This month we would like to share some information about the need for Financial Planning assistance as you move into your Senior years. This is a time in your life that it is more important than ever. I have included the full article

 Learn about:

  • Why you need a planner
  • Who should hire a Financial Planner
  • Do I need a Financial Plan
  • What if I’ve never made a Financial Plan
  • Do I need a Financial Planner who specializes in Seniors’ Needs

As a Senior myself I would like to share the name of a Financial Planner that I have been using for almost 20 years. His name is Rick Kosteczk. I was 40  years old when I met Rick and I was a self employed business person with no financial plan for the future. With Rick’s help I have more than enough resources to enjoy the life style I have created for the rest of my life.

Senior Financial Consultant
Investors Group

Rick Kosteczko

If you are thinking about getting help with your own financial plans I am happy to recommend Rick. He is a Senior Financial Consultant with Investors Group. They are a registered Financial Planning firm with an excellent reputation.

Contact Rick Today


Visit Rick’s profile on Linked-in


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