Reverse Mortgage Special Rate!

4.50% for up to 50% of value

Available to seniors until May 31st.

CHIP Home Income Plan provided by HomEquity Bank, has reduced it’s One Year Term interest rate to 4.50% with no payments required.

Senior Home owners (age 55+)can now benefit from rates competitive with traditional forms of home equity borrowing while taking advantage of reverse mortgage features that enables them to enjoy life on their terms:

  • No income, credit or medical qualifications required
  • 50 bps rate discount when interest payments are made annually
  • Funds are tax-free and don’t affect eligibility for government benefits

Most important unlike traditional mortgage or lines of credit that carry a risk of non-renewal or cancellation due to a change in lending policies or financial situation of the client, reverse mortgages require no interest or principal payments until your clients choose to move or sell.

Call us today if you have any questions or would like to know more about Reverse Mortgage in general.  866-452-1100


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