Healthy Eating for Seniors!

Reverse Mortgages

Enjoy Retirement

It’s always important to eat healthy foods to maintain health but especially at this time of year when temptation is everywhere. Sure you’re going to indulge a bit but if you make small changes to your eating habits you’ll feel better and be healthier too!

Substitute whole milk with 1% milk, nonfat milk or substitutes such as almond or coconut milk

Substitute ice cream with yogurt mixed with fresh berries

Substitute butter with olive oil

Substitute full-fat cheese with low fat cheese or goat cheese

Substitute mayonnaise with low fat mayonnaise or substitute with mustard

Substitute potato chips with natural regular popping corn on the stove

Substitute white wheat with whole wheat,  spelt, kamut or brown rice

Substitute pre-made salad dressing with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and lemon juice

Substitute soda with water or fresh, all-natural fruit juice

Substitute processed meats with grilled or oven baked chicken breast

Substitute sugary cereals with, cream of wheat, rice cereals or rolled oats

Substitute cakes, cookies and pastries with a bowl of fresh fruit, a piece of dark chocolate or a few unsalted roasted nuts

Make just one or 2 changes a week and in just over a month you’re eating well, reducing calories from fat and sugar and feeling better.

Seniors enjoy their lives well into their 70’s and 80’s these days but sometimes they need more income to add to their pensions. Reverse mortgages can answer the need by providing tax-free income so they can enjoy life at it’s fullest. Ask us how you can get extra money each month if  you have equity in your home. Remember you’ll never make a payment as long as you live in your home.

Reverse Mortgages are provided by and are funded through HomEquity Bank in Canada. Contact us today for a no obligation discussion about the benefits of Reverse Mortgages. 866-452-1100


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